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Cross-Country Journal -- November 2003


Saturday, November 1 --  We decided to go to see the NMSU football game.  The Aggies have had only 4 winning seasons in 31 years so they aren't the best of teams but for $6 a ticket we were treated to some fun college football.  Unfortunately the Aggies lost but it was a close game.

Sunday, November 2 --We watched some football.  The Bills were not playing this weekend.  

Monday, November 3 --

Tuesday, November 4 --  We met with the builder and ironed out most of our changes.  We are happy with the design and Tom is sending copies to everyone.

Wednesday, November 5 -- We left Las Cruces and headed west.  We wanted to revisit Tombstone.  We stayed at a Coast to Coast Park and had ducks all over the front yard.

Thursday, November 6 --We drove to Tombstone.  Mostly a drive through.  Things hadn't changed in the 11 years since last we were there and not for the last 100 or so probably.  We saw the town of Bisbee.  We stopped at a big pit that was mined for copper.  We drove over to Coronado Monument which told about Coronado coming into the US from Mexico to find the seven cities of gold.  We drove the dirt road to the view point and had a great view into Mexico and southern Arizona.  We circled back through towns to our campground.  A full day of driving and viewing countryside.

Friday, November 7 -- We drove into Tucson and got a great site at one of our favorite places, Catalina State Park.  We went over to Bill and Kay's, had a great lunch and visit and loved the wildlife "show" in their backyard.  We stopped at Trader Joe's and stocked up.

Saturday, November 8 -- Beautiful sunshine, mountain views and a nice walk.  We took Pepper for a walk and enjoyed being in a park again.  This is RV life at the best.  We visited with Bill and Kay.  They showed us some new areas of Tucson and once again we enjoyed the quail, bunny, javelina, beetle show.  They shocked us with a gift for our house.  Their house and location inspired us to chose a similar location in Las Cruces. 

Sunday, November 9 -- We headed towards Phoenix to get to our Simon and Garfunkel concert.  We drove some new roads.  We love driving off the main interstate although it means Tom does most of the driving.  We had a campsite in Surprise, Arizona.  It was nice but in an 55+ park which reaffirmed our strong feelings to never end up in a place like that.  We went to IN-N-Out for lunch.   We drove into Phoenix and were blown away by the concert.  They sang so well and the musicians were great.   We listened to our S&G CD on the way back.

Monday, November 10 -- We wanted to be back in Las Cruces to make sure things kept moving on the design phase but after getting on the road we decided to head for the coast.  First we were headed to Lake Havasu, then we went through Quartsite and headed to Palm Springs.  We stayed at a Coast to Coast and called Jaimie to let her know we were headed to LA and Killer Shrimp. 

Tuesday, November 11 --We saw some evidence of burned hillsides approaching LA. We called Jaimie as we drove by Nestle and she ran to a window and saw us pass by on the freeway.  We found a "campsite" in Van Nuys.  After getting the electricity problem worked out we headed for the Getty Center.  It is an amazing art museum.  A work of art itself in architecture , gardens and views of LA.  It was amazing and free except for parking.  We concentrated on the second floor and all the paintings.  They were wonderful but the museum is very chilly so we were ready to leave and get warmer clothes and meet Jaimie for dinner.  We loved Killer Shrimp and then Jaimie came back and watched 24 with us.

Wednesday, November 12 -- We were ready to leave LA and head to the beach.  In by mind I have had this beach fantasy campsite and we were hoping to find it in a state park in Santa Barbara.  The campsite that our Alfa could fit in was not close enough to the beach for us so we started heading towards Pismo Beach.  This was a little further than we had remembered and after checking out both state parks we opted for the one without electric hookups.  We found a nice spot, went for a walk on the beach and then realized there was a nicer spot open. We moved.

Thursday, November 13 -- We had not realized that the Monarch butterflies were wintering over in a small grove of Eucalyptus trees. There were huge masses of them hanging together in trees.  We walked on the beach and collected a few sand dollars.  We found a Trader Joes so we were able to get Chardonnay.  We ended up getting some clam chowder for dinner from the Splash Cafe.

Friday, November 14 -- A nice morning walk on the beach.  Pepper loves the ocean and sand. We went to see Captain and Commander.  The theatre was packed. 

Saturday, November 15 -- The lack of electricity is tricky and gets a little old especially when it is cold and dreary.  We thought about moving and checked out some campsites but ended up staying put.  We had a great dinner from the Splash Cafe which cheered us up.  We love the clam chowder and I had the best steamed clams ever.

Sunday, November 16 --  We woke to sunshine which put us back in love with our campsite.  Another beach walk and some football watching.

Monday, November 17 -- We took a last beach walk and headed toward Lake Havasu.   We went through parts of the Mohave desert and ended up calling it a day in Boron.  Not much of a town and a very rundown campground but we had full hook ups and closed all the shades and watched TV.

Tuesday, November 18 --  We had some difficulty finding a gas station outside of Barstow, Ca.  Since we were a little uncertain of the amount of remaining fuel we went around in circles to go back to a Flying J.  These are the nicest truck stops which also cater to RVs.  I drove a while and then Tom took over as we were going downhill at a steeper grade than I usually drove.  We drove through Lake Havasu to see London Bridge but due to construction and traffic we just drove by.  The ride along the Colorado was very scenic.  The Colorado is so impressive with water and scenic beauty.  Compared with many western rivers with little or no water we are amazed with the Colorado.  We continued once again through Quartsite, AZ.  This town attracts many snowbirds and the BLM land is full of RVers.  We traveled to Yuma and were amazed at the farmland.  All the water comes from the Colorado and I was told it is amazing how fast the crops grow and are harvested.

Wednesday, November 19 --    We started towards Las Cruces.  We were surprised to pick out the Organ Mountains about 90 miles from town.  We went to the same RV park and then to our favorite restaurant.  I had the same meal as usual.  A great grilled chicken salad.  We watched a full night of TV.

Thursday, November 20 --  We spent some time cleaning and doing odd jobs.  Tom had found a vent cover for the microwave to replace the one which the outside cover had fallen off.  I cleaned the Jeep and the inside of the motor home.  We got the wiring plans from the builder and Tom went to work on studying them.

Friday, November 21 --  A very nice day of weather.  I went to the little laundry in the park.  We met with the builder briefly to give him the electrical changes and let Pepper run in the empty Rio.

Saturday, November 22 --  I cleaned some bugs and grime off the front of the Alfa and talked on the phone.  It got very windy and eventually you could not even see the Organ Mountains.  We went to see Love Actually and it was very funny and touching. 

Sunday, November 23 --  We watched Buffalo lose and the tie of the President's cup.  It was a little chilly today.

Monday, November 24 -- 

Tuesday, November 25 --  We did several errands to prepare for the trip to Colorado Springs for Thanksgiving.  We went to our favorite to buy pecan items and bought a birthday present for Mario. 

Wednesday, November 26 --   We got up early to leave for Colorado Springs.  It is a 8 hour, 600 mile drove to Jaimie and Mario's house.  We loved the scenery around Santa Fe.  It is very scenic and we broke it down to 2 hour shifts.  We had two slow downs.  One due to an accident outside Santa Fe and the other due to an accident in Colorado Springs.  There was snow in Colorado and a little colder than we were used to.  It was nice to see Jaimie and Mario and also Erica T.

Thursday, November 27 --   I had told Jaimie I had passed the torch to her to prepare Thanksgiving dinner but we all pitched in.  We had given Mario an apron for his birthday since he is in charge of the turkey.  Jaimie and I made the pies and we had purchased a pecan pie in Las Cruces.  We had a wonderful dinner.  We went to the movies and then had dessert. 

Friday, November 28 --  Back in the car for the return trip.  It went well and we were very pleased to get back and find the weather so much more milder.

Saturday, November 29 --

Sunday, November 30 --  The Bills beat the Giants !