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Cross-Country Journal -- July 2003


Tuesday, July 1 -- Tom worked on the door casing.  I worked on the small bedroom.  The old dining room carpet was almost a wall to wall for that room.  Tom fixed the bed as it was falling apart.  No sighting of green beans so we replanted them.  Dad came back and he seemed very pleased with our efforts.  He couldn't stop saying how big the room looked.

Wednesday, July 2 -- We finished up some loose ends to get ready for the arrival of family.  Bill called to say that he was driving with Anne-Marie and Steve and they would arrive late that night or the next morning. I pieced together leftover carpet for the hallway.  It doesn't look great but it isn't orange shag! I gained a new appreciation for carpet installation and will never ask to piece together another area.

Thursday, July 3 -- Bill and company arrived after driving through the night.  Bill went off golfing. Steve stayed to work form the cottage but first had to face the challenge that there is no cell phone service at the cottage.  He was able to hook up to the computer and work part of the day.  Anne-Marie was in charge of getting fishing licenses and then they went off to catch the big one.  They announced they were to become parents in January! I painted the door and window casings.

Friday, July 4-- Anne-Marie and I worked on the back bedroom and ran into a big ant attack.  All the lose items were placed in an out of the way spot and the room was cleaned.  Extra siding was added to the wall.  This back bedroom has a collection of every kind of scrap imaginable for the wall board so we couldn't resist adding two more pieces. Rick and Berit arrived and pitched a tent right in front of the deck.  Linda also arrived.  We got her sailboat down to our dock.  Nicole arrived.  Late that evening Bill and Steve took Nicole out to the App Inn to celebrate her 21st birthday.

Saturday, July 5 --Gail and Tom arrived.  With all the extra muscle the raft that Linda had stored in the front yard was moved into the water and was floated up to her cottage area.  Anne-Marie and I manned the paddleboat and pulled it. Bill was on the raft and Pepper jumped between.  Later Jenny and Brendan arrived.  They delivered four cases of Charles Shaw wine that they had purchased for us in Trader's Joe in Boston.  We opened the scotch Tommy won at the golf tournament at Rick's wedding and after a toast led by Steve we enjoyed the scotch and some enjoyed cigars.  The group split and the young set went to the bay for dinner and we cooked out.

Sunday, July 6-- Early morning golf and then the Silva kids departed.  We lost five people and one dog.

Monday, July 7 -- We cleaned out the area where the raft had been sitting.  We also examined the roof and cut down some overhanging branches.  The rest of the family left and now it is Tom and I and one dog and two cats.  We had been up to 13 people and four dogs, two cats.  The place held all the people very well.  We loved having all the family together. 

Tuesday, July 8 -- Dad came back in the afternoon after his doctor's appointment.  Tom was working on the kitchen moldings, ceiling and cupboard door for the water heater.  I put shellac on the kitchen cupboards and the bathroom door. 

Wednesday, July 9 -- Tom and Dad went golfing.  I cleaned out the motor home and the Jeep.  There was a lot of sand in the back seat.  Clean up day.  There was a big pile of sawdust around Tom's work area.  We took another load of old carpeting and stuff to the dump.  Tom finished his door to cover the water heater.  I got out the shellac.  We had appetizers on George's dock and rode in his "new" boat.  It has a 150 hp motor.  In the blink of an eye you go from one end of the lake to the other. 

Thursday, July 10 -- We stayed one more day.  Tom drew up a scale model to see if the motor home would be able to clear the bump it needed to go over to get to the cottage road.  Seemed good on paper.

Friday, July 11 -- The moment of truth.  With a couple of tense moments we got the motor home out of the cottage area.  It was close in spots and only about an inch of clearance in the middle.  A little too close.  We traveled down 81 to Conklin.  Donna arrived back from Maine just moments before us.  We lost the race but luckily we were not eliminated!  We set up in her driveway and then went out to eat at Pronto's with all the family. There is a schedule of who is responsible for meal planning and preparation.  Everyone seems in the spirit of the plan. 

Saturday, July 12 -- Tom is going to help Donna out with a few repairs.  He started his list.  After a chicken cook out we went to Lowes where Donna got a screen door for her kitchen.  We had the challenge of bringing it back in the Jeep. 

Sunday, July 13 -- Donna, Jill and I went to church in Harpursville.  Nice small country church.  Very informal and a good sermon.  We went to Jack and Ellen's for dinner.  They have a house in a historic building on Main Street, Greene.  We got to check it out.  A beautiful house.  The meal was out of this world and it was fun being with family.

Monday, July 14 -- Tom worked on some of the project list.  Changing some light bulbs, getting the stove fan outlet to work, fixing the dryer door.  I did some laundry.  Tom cooked chicken roll-ups for the dinner.

Tuesday, July 15-- Tom is going to put a screen door on Donna's kitchen door.  First he found that the kitchen door was not hung correctly, then he found rotten wood in the door sill.  He worked all day to get the kitchen door hung correctly and now it practically closes on it's own.  I helped the cause by cleaning the gutter above the doorway. 

Wednesday, July 16 -- Day 2 of the kitchen door.  Tom got the screen door on.  Linda stopped and visited. We went to dinner at Mom and Dad's.  When we came back we found Jill was going to Uncle Tony's for 50 cent mug night.  I told Donna to ask her if we could come along and she took us up on it.  Donna and I went had a few mugs and watched the bar get packed.

Thursday, July 17-- Linda and I went to Scranton, PA to go to a fabric outlet.  We found out it was closed.  We went along to the outlet mall and spent some time shopping for bargains, new flip-flops, a big metal cat to go along with my smaller one and a few other things.  We had a nice time.

Friday, July 18-- We went to Friendly's for dinner.  Jill was our waitress.  We went to a B Mets game.  Lots of activity both on and off the field.  We went to Wegmans to purchase a few items for our dinner on Sat.

Saturday, July 19 --Donna cut and highlighted my hair in between looking out for the bride across the street to come out.  She came across the street to show Donna her dress.  She looked beautiful.  Tom cooked shrimp and ribs and I made an apple pie and that should finish our cooking responsibilities on a high note.

Sunday, July 20 -- Donna had dinner duty and she cooked spiedies.  Jack and Ellen came for dinner.

Monday, July 21 -- Our time in Binghamton is quickly coming to a close.  Tom painted Donna's bedroom a sage green.  It looked great.  We put the furniture back according to Donna's new plan.  I think she liked it.  We had leftovers for dinner.

Tuesday, July 22 -- We worked on a few things.  Subway for dinner.

Wednesday, July 23--We got around to painting the kitchen door.  Now I know why we didn't paint the ones at Park Place.  It is very time consuming to mask the window panes.  We went over to Mom and Dad's and had a great final dinner.  We checked out the Vestal free dump station on our way home.

Thursday, July 24-- We finished up the door and then got ready to move towards the islands.  We had had a wonderful time with Donna and all.  We found out my dad was not able to come up to the cottage since his doctor wanted to keep him close.  We tried an across the yard approach to our spot at the cottage. That didn't go well.  At a time we were very tipped.  A little scary.  We drove over the driveway hump and then turned around in the side yard.  We backed up next to the cottage.

Friday, July 25-- We spent the day doing nothing at the cottage. We did do some weeding and Tom built a step for the motorhome. The weather was perfect.  We floated in the lake when it got hot.

Saturday, July 26 -- We drove into Watertown.  We went to Wal-Mart, Lowes, and the big grocery store to buy lots of food.  All of our cupboards were bare. 

Sunday, July 27-- I had bought some material in Wal-Mart.  I opened up the old sewing machine at the cottage and found out it still worked.  I sewed a curtain for the bathroom window and one for the small bedroom.  Tom is working on the kitchen ceiling.

Monday, July 28-- I decided to tear off the cracked tape from the ceiling and walls in the little bedroom.  I am re-taping and filling all the cracks.  I feel sorry for this little room and it is special as it was the first room built of the cottage.   Tom is working on installing a ceiling fan over the dining area.  We had bought it for the ceiling of the motor home but it didn't work out.  He has to build a spot in the ceiling so that it will hang straight.

Tuesday, July 29-- We decided to have a tree man remove the big limb that was hanging over the pump house.  The limb was dead from the ice storm several years back.  They did a good job. I am sanding the ceiling and walls in the little bedroom.  I want to paint the ceiling white and then the walls light yellow. 

Wednesday, July 30--A little more sanding and then the ceiling was painted.  Tom also finished with the fan and painted the kitchen ceiling.  I painted the walls to the little bedroom.  A nice light yellow.

Thursday, July 31-- Tom is working on rebuilding the screen door.  He built a protective barrier on both sides to stop the dogs from tearing the screen if they jump on the door.  I went and did laundry. We watched the race.