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Dinosaur National Monument


We passed up on this monument as we drove out of Colorado but when we changed plans and started to drive back towards this area we drove to the Utah portion of this monument.  We were told by a Utah State Park ranger that although Colorado has the visitor center of the monument, Utah had all the good stuff!  The dinosaur quarry is in the Utah section.  We drove to the quarry.  The quarry is the bottom of a river bed where for some unknown reason many dinosaur bones are found. Jumbled bones of different dinosaurs as well as complete skeletons.  The river bed was then lifted and is now a wall of fossilized bones.  At the quarry you look at this wall and start to pick out the pieces.  This brought back memories of days when Tommy had been heavily interested in dinosaurs and I thought that all dinosaur  enthusiasts need to visit this place.  After the quarry there is a great road to drive to get views of the Green River, rock formations, petroglyphs (which we thought looked like pictures of aliens) and a cabin where a woman lived in isolation for about 50 years. 

This link will take you to a small Dinosaur Photo Album.