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Cross-Country Journal -- December 2002


Sunday, December 1 -- A win for the Bills.  A decision to pay for a full month at the KOA.  A countdown to when we can move south begins!

Monday, December 2 -- Haircuts for both.  Mine had gotten very out of control and I was wishing Donna could have taught Tom the secrets to a perfect haircut.   None has cut it as good as Donna back in June.

Tuesday, December 3 -- 

Wednesday, December 4 -- 

Thursday, December 5 -- Tommy had traveled to Pinehurst, North Carolina to golf on Pinehurst #2 course.  He had two nice rounds of golf and didn't run into any of the freezing rain weather. His timing was very lucky since the storm hit there Wednesday and he was home in Florida by then.  

Friday, December 6 -- It was cloudy today with a little rain.  We went to the movies and saw the Emperor's Club.  A good movie.  We looked at some small cleaning machines.  Tom had an urge for Indian food so we tried the one in Petaluma.  It was very good.  They had most of our favorites.

Saturday, December 7 -- We bought a bird feeder the other day and today we had birds!  We had wild turkeys check it out the first day and then two peacocks the other day.

Sunday, December 8 -- Watched the Bills lose. :-(  Jaimie called and since it was their weekend to make the trip, they were on their way.  We went  Olompali State Park.  It was a very old ranch/estate/commune.  We walked Pepper up the trail a little way ( no dogs allowed) and then walked around the various buildings.  Tom and Jaimie found the sign which said the Grateful Dead had lived there for a year.  We went to Buena Vista Winery and bought a case of the bargain wine Mario had discovered.  Went out to dinner at our Indian restaurant.

Monday, December 9 - We went Christmas shopping for a few hours today. 

Tuesday, December 10 -- Christmas shopping again and then grocery shopping.

Wednesday, December 11 -- Tonight we had speidies for dinner.

Susie Kipers, a college friend, drove from her home in San Jose to visit.  After spending some time catching up we went to  four wineries in the Sonoma area.  At Buena Vista we even took our glasses outside and enjoyed the pond and the sunshine.  We ended in Buena Vista where cases of "Mario's favorite bargain wine" was bought.

Thursday, December 12 -- It started raining early this morning.  The weather forecast is steady rain for the next 5 days!  Further Christmas shopping too.

Kind of just a waiting day for me.  I was waiting to get the next report on my Dad's condition.  He was going to be having a heart catherization and they would decide how to proceed after that.

Friday, December 13 -- We went to the movie theater this afternoon where we saw Maid In Manhattan.  It was funny.

The "winter storm" for the area started.  This is lots of rain and maybe wind.  So far lots of rain.  We started out with going out to breakfast.  Then a little shopping and a movie.  Gail had called to tell me that Dad had had a 90% blockage in the artery that the bypass had been done in and he had two stents put in.  He did well. 

Saturday, December 14 -- Continuous rain.  We started for Jaimie's apartment in early afternoon but turned back because of the heavy rain, wind and traffic.  Rented a movie.

Sunday, December 15 -- Continuous rain overnight and all day.  Watched the Bills win over San Diego and then made the drive to Jaimie's even though the rain and wind was still bad.  We did this because we got a look at the forecast through next Friday and it calls for rain every day except Wednesday.  With that to look forward to we decided we MUST get out of the house.

Monday, December 16 -- 

After a night of rain we woke up to a lake in the field in front of our campground.  Now we know why they have big ditches along many roads.  They filled up and then some.

Tuesday, December 17 -- 

We worked on printing our Christmas cards.  Mario had helped me but I had a few things to change and with a lot of trial and error I finally remembered how to make it work.  These computers are challenging at times. 

Wednesday, December 18 -- 

We took the ferry from Larkspur to downtown.  We met Jaimie and Mario for lunch.  We went to an Indian restaurant.  We marveled at the bridges across the bay.  

Thursday, December 19 -- 

Another full day of rain.  

Friday, December 20 --

Went to the movies.  The Gangs of New York.

Saturday, December 21 -- Today we reserved a campsite in the RV park that is right next to Jaimie's apartment.  We didn't stay there beginning in mid October because they were way too expensive and also because it is more of a parking lot with only a small amount of grass.  We have decided to move down there early Tuesday, 12/24, so that we can get away from the north bay area where the rain is heaviest and the temperatures are colder.  We will stay in Pacifica through Thursday night when Tommy leaves to return to Florida.  By doing this we will be closer while he is here.  After he leaves, we will head towards southern CA a few days earlier than originally planned. Even though we are paid up through the 31st in Petaluma we are glad to go.  It will be strange to move after being stationary since October 13.  Will have to take it slow in starting back up again to be sure not to make any mistakes.  Today is our 28th wedding anniversary.  We went out to dinner at a great restaurant where we had the best steak ever.  On our way back from Pacifica we stopped at some scenic spots on the ocean just south of the Golden Gate.  These were views that we had never seen before.

Sunday, December 22 --

Watching the Bills and other games and getting ready to move.  We had not moved in a while and everything was wet and dirty.  Luckily we had sunshine today to get things clean and dry!

Monday, December 23 --

We had tried to have our prescriptions filled and got frustrated with Wal-Mart.  We decided to forget about it until after Christmas and get on the road towards Pacifica since another rain storm could be coming our way tomorrow.  We had a wonderful drive across the Golden Gate.  Our new spot is facing out towards the ocean and it is quite a picture to fill up the front window.

Tuesday, December 24 --

Tommy arrived midnight on Monday and Jaimie, Mario and Tommy stopped in.  We hadn't all been together since Anne Marie's wedding in Scotland.  In the morning Jaimie and Tommy biked down from Jaimie's apartment and then we went to the Pacifica beach.  The ocean is very wild due to the active winter storm season.  We drove to the Golden Gate area and went to Baker Beach to view the bridge.  We went into the city and picked up Mario from work.  We went to Pier 39, saw the sea lions and had clam chowder.  We got some pictures of cable cars drove through the park and went up to Twin Peaks for another city view.  We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Macy's and then went back to Jaimie's apartment.  Mario introduced me and Tommy to his version of Monopoly.  A very full day.  

Wednesday, December 25 --

Tommy walked down for coffee and then we all went to see The Two Towers.  Lots of people had the same idea bt we got 5 seats together in the 2nd row!  A little close but we all loved the movie.  We opened presents, made phone calls, had shrimp and dinner.  

Thursday, December 26 --

The kids came down for breakfast.  Tom made an eleven egg omelet.  It was great.  Soon it was time to take Tommy to the airport and see him off to his trek back across the country.  We went to Circuit City and then later Jaimie and Mario brought the leftovers from Christmas dinner and we had dinner and a movie.

Friday, December 27 --

We decided to end the year in this RV park.  It is pricey but so close to Jaimie and Mario.  We bought a head collar for Pepper to work on her bad behavior when she is walking and sees another dog.  Someone had recommended it.  This collar is similar to the halter idea used with a horse.  It seems to work although I'm sure Pepper can't figure out why we are doing this.

Saturday, December 28 --

A very rainy day.

Sunday, December 29 --

Last game for he Bills.  We bought a new leash for Pepper, taking her to Petco.  She behaved very good.  Jaimie and Mario came to dinner and we watched a movie.

Monday, December 30 --

Went to see Two Weeks Notice with Jaimie.  Mario was working. We had the worse storm in the motor home.  Lots of wind and rain and finally we couldn't sleep and watched some TV until things calmed down.  

Tuesday, December 31 --

We watched hang-gliders and were very surprised when one almost landed on our roof top.  Cooked a 10 lb turkey in our convection oven.  It just fit.  It turned out great.  Jaimie made dessert, a chocolate cookie pie.  We watched the ball fall at midnight on East coast time and then had a campfire.  Jaimie and Mario have had a fire every New Year's on the beach but the beach is closed this year due to high surf.