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Cross-Country Journal -- December 2003


Monday, December 1 -- We took some tiles over to the kitchen store and worked with the kitchen designer.  She felt we needed to rearrange the kitchen in order to fit the proper size cupboards into the space.  Tom continued to work on the changes.  We also decided on the doors and faucets. 

Tuesday, December 2 -- We went back to the kitchen designer and now we think we are happy with the layout.

Wednesday, December 3 -- We met with our builder.  We were a little frustrated with some of his statements on how things could be done in a certain time frame and then how slow progress seemed to be going.  He said this was the frustrating time of the process but we were just not happy with how he said certain things about the time frame when he really was just trying to appease us.  We set up to meet with his wife to help us pick our tiles.  We went to watch the New Mexico State basketball game.

Thursday, December 4 --  Laurie was very good with us at the tile store and we think we found the perfect tiles for the floor and baths.  We decided on cabinets and paint colors.  The last thing is the outside color.

Friday, December 5 -- We did some Christmas shopping.

Saturday, December 6 -- We went to watch the Aggies play basket ball.  They lost this time but it was a good game.

Sunday, December 7 -- We watched some football and took a walk on the street.  We met the people across from "our lot"  They had their motor home in front of their house, washing it.  We decided on the outside house color.

Monday, December 8 - We decided to tackle Christmas shopping.  We walked around the mall.  We had a disturbing call from the builder. He couldn't take the pressure we seemed to be placing on him to get it all wrapped up before we left town.  We were not sure what to think.  We thought he had actually suggested things could move faster than we thought.  We decided to escape for a while a go to the movies.  Maybe things would sort out. 

Tuesday, December 9 --  Dad got the okay form his doctor to travel with us.  We decided to take a drive over the pass and were intrigued by the big snow covered peak against the white sands desert.  We got some pistachios and enjoyed watching the stealth fighters at Holloman AFB. 

Wednesday, December 10 --  We tried to get things wrapped up so that Tom would be stocked up when I left for Colorado Springs in the morning. 

Thursday, December 11 -- I left Tom and Las Cruces around 7:30 and began the 8+ hour trip to Colorado Springs.  It was a very nice day.  I enjoyed the scenery but it is long when you are not sharing the shifts of driving.  I was startled one time when I had the phone headset around my neck and all of a sudden I heard a voice asking if anyone was there?  Tom had set up the phone to automatically answer and I hadn't heard it ring since the CD player was a little loud.  I had to give Cali and Indy their medicines.  Cali wasn't very cooperative with the face washing.  I settled in and watched Survivor with Indy snuggled up on my lap.

Friday, December 12 -- A nice sunny day.  Cali hid under the bed so no medicine for her!  I drove to Denver airport.  The mountains were very scenic.  I went through all the steps to get on a plane.  Check in, security, train to the gate, seat change and waiting.  Time flew by and then I was on the flight.  There was a movie which took up most of the flight time.  Jaimie was stuck in traffic so I waited outside and got some fresh air.  We met with Gail, Linda, Dad , Bill, and Jan and had dinner. 

Saturday, December 13 -- Jaimie and I went over to the mall and did some shopping.  Through cell phone calls we found Linda and Gail at the same mall.  Cell phones keep everyone so easily connected.  Tom felt like he was along with us.  We went over to Dad's hotel room and I got the shot training and gave him his shot.  I was surprised it wasn't as bad as I thought.  Better to give than to get!  We went over to the restaurant and waited for Anne-Marie and Steve to arrive.  Anne-Marie was very surprised!  We went over to Rick's house and Anne-Marie opened the gifts.

Sunday, December 14 -- We woke up to a lot of snow falling.  We picked up Dad and then went to the airport.  Jaimie had to do some serious winter driving.  We went through security and go t on the plane. It had to wait to get de-iced.  As we arrived in Kansas City our connection should have been taking off.  Luckily it was the plane we arrived on.  We had to leave the secure area to go to the restrooms.  As we left the bathrooms they were calling final boarding for our flight.  Jaimie hurried ahead and I made the mistake of listening to the second security person saying dad didn't have to take off his shoes.  What she failed to say was if he didn't he had to wait to be checked over by the individual security checker.  Luckily we made the plane.  A nice clear flight this time.  It was about 60 in Denver so the ride back to Jaimie's house was great.  We went to a Chinese restaurant and then watched the final Survivor.

Monday, December 15 --  We woke up to a ground blizzard in Colorado Springs.  Very strong winds and snow.  We drove one exit on 25 to Rosie's dinner to see what it was like.  Not very nice weather to travel in.  After consulting with Tom we decided to spend the day with Jaimie.  We needed a little rest up from our travels before the next part.  We were surprised to hear that Anne-Marie had her baby.  A girl with red hair.  Julianne Marie.

Tuesday, December 16 -- We woke up to nice weather so we got in the Liberty and started the journey back to New Mexico.  I really like the area around Santa Fe.  I talked to Tom several times to update him on our progress.  Just outside of Albuquerque I passed a See Ya.  I said to dad, " There's a See Ya like ours and he said and it even has bikes like yours.  Soon after the See Ya came over the crest of the hill flashing his lights and then it dawned on me it was our See Ya.  Tom had decided to drive towards us so that for the last two hours we could be in tow and riding in the motor home.  A big surprise.  We went out to Red Lobster and settled in for our first night together.

Wednesday, December 17 -- We woke up to nice sunshine and since we were staying an extra day we first had to move the Alfa out of the spot we had been in.  Someone had reserved the spot and wanted to move into it.  We drove over to Fairway Village and showed Dad our lot, the model house and the golf course and the area. 

Thursday, December 18 -- We left Las Cruces after having been there a month.  We hope the next time we are there that a portion of our house will be built.  We drove into Texas and put in lots of hours behind the wheel.  We made it to a campground between San Antonio and Houston.  It was dark and we were tired.

Friday, December 19 -- We left our campground west of Houston and drove around Houston and towards Mississippi.  We decided to drove through New Orleans so Dad could get to see a little bit of the city.  We pulled into a Coast to Coast campground.  It was good enough for an overnight but not a 5 star resort as it's name implied.

Saturday, December 20 --  We woke to chilly weather in Mississippi.  We drove across Mississippi and then turned towards Atlanta.  It was very nice driving and we found a campground south of Atlanta so we would be positioned to visit Tony and all tomorrow and then head towards Florida on Monday.  I gave Dad his shot.  It went okay!  It is chilly here also.

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