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Cuyahoga National Park


This National Park is in the middle of Ohio.  Hard to believe?


We never knew it was there until we started looking at the list of NPs and there it was.  We decided to see what it was all about. 


The park stretches nearly all the way from Cleveland to Akron and it is both the river valley for the Cuyahoga River and the site of the Erie Canal that connected Akron and other places south to Cleveland and Lake Erie.  The river valley provides hilly terrain, forest and streams.  The park was upgraded from National Recreational Area to National Park in the fall of 2000.


The main activity is bicycling along the more than 50 miles of towpath along the old canal.  An old train provides rides twice daily along the north-south route of the canal.  There are also several hiking trails.

Life along the canal and river is the primary theme of this park.


We stopped at one of the visitor centers and then hiked 4 miles on one of the trails to a waterfall.  Hiking was the choice rather than biking since we had Pepper with us and only planned to spend half a day.  Someday we may teach Pepper to run (or walk) along with us as we are biking.


Our review of Cuyahoga is that it was more appropriately described as a Recreational Area.  It does not have that unique, usually awesome, land formation that we have become used to.  Cuyahoga is a great place for residents of Cleveland and Akron to relax and get away from the cities.


We spent only the one half day and we only took two pictures, both of the train.  I guess we weren't very enthusiastic.  Visiting Cuyahoga made us long to see a real National Park.


We took a another picture in the parking lot of Camping World.  The picture includes the nose of our motor home where we “camped” one night.  These pictures can be seen at the Cuyahoga Album.