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Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is a one sided canyon.  Driving out to the farthest viewpoint on the 18 mile park road, makes it easy to work your way back pulling off at the numerous viewpoints on your right.  On a clear day you can see over 100 miles and breath in some of the cleanest air in the US. The colorful spires, called hoodoos remind you of fairytale castles, animals, faces.  Let your imagination run wild.  The best is saved for last when you arrive at the Bryce Amphitheatre. Here the colors and shapes are endless. At Sunset or Sunrise Point you can get great views and there are many log benches placed for you to sit and contemplate the beauty of the canyon.

As in any canyon to feel you have experienced it, a walk is recommended.  After talking with a ranger we decided to enter at Sunrise Point and walk the Queens Garden Trail over to Sunset Point.  Leaving early, we seemed to be all alone in the canyon.  It is fun to walk this twisting trail.  You can not imagine the new site around each corner.  There is a rock formation that is called Queen Victoria and I felt it looked just like her!  You eventually end up at the more often hiked loop trail from Sunrise Point.  The narrow canyon called Wall Street is unbelievable.  To get back to the rim there are some serious switchbacks to negotiate. The hike back along the rim to get to our car at Sunrise Point was a great way to get that one last look at the canyon.  Bryce is a visual feast for the soul.  Share it with us by visiting our photos at Bryce Canyon Photo gallery.