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Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park protects over 200,000 acres of Badlands and grasslands.  Wildlife includes bison, antelope, prairie dogs and prairie rattlesnakes.  There is quite a contrast between the waving sea of grass of the prairie and the deep cuts and cliffs of the badlands.  Driving the park loop road offers many panoramic views.

The area is rich in fossils and also in native American history.   The story of Wounded Knee is a very sad page of history.

There are badlands in other areas of the country.  You can see badlands in North Dakota and Death Valley.  Badlands NP is the very impressive show of this type of land.  One can only imagine what a pioneer traveler thought when they happened upon this area.  Homesteaders who tried to settle this area found out how harsh life could be in the prairie.  The town of Wall is an interesting tourist stop outside of the park.  This town grew due to Wall Drug store giving free water to any traveler who stopped.