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Cross-Country Journal -- August 2003


Friday, August 1-- We decided to drive to Rochester to check in on Dad.  He was having a doctor's appointment and then he would know if he could go up to the lake.  He got the okay to go to the lake and I drove his car for him.  Jaimie and Mario arrived after 9pm.  They had spent the day in Binghamton and then came to the lake.

Saturday, August 2 --I decided it was my turn to mow the front lawn of the cottage.  I mowed that and the side yard.  Mollie and Ryan arrived late morning.  They had spent many summers at the cottage with our family.  Mario got into the driveway digging.  Tom had gotten a very big rock out and Mario got a few more which I decided needed to be positioned around the rock garden.  Tom pulled Mario behind the boat.  Tom tried to get up but the boat didn't have enough power. Tom cooked spiedies!

Sunday, August 3-- Linda pulled the kids with her boat.  I decided to see if I could still get up.  I could but the skis were a little loose feeling.  Mario entertained us with his skiing.  Another big rock got positioned in the rock garden. After learning about the new access card needed to continue service with DirecTV, Tom got on the phone and had them send a card to the PO box instead of the Florida address and somehow managed to get authorized for NFL ticket!   Janet had brought sour cherries back from Rochester and Jaimie and I made two pies.  George, Janet, and her sister Marian came through a big downpour to get their pie.

Monday, August 4-- Jaimie and Mario decided to ship the two big boxes of wedding gifts.  Mario took a small box on the plane. This gets the last of their gifts to their house.  Not quite two years after the wedding.

Tuesday, August 5-- We went over to the floating restaurant for breakfast.  Dad needed to have a blood test so Linda checked out the process at Alex Bay.

Wednesday, August 6 -- I started washing the seats and upholstery of the boat. Tom is working on moving the unused steps of the deck to the other side to make that set wider.  We all went into Watertown do do all our errands and then had dinner at the Red Lobster.

Thursday, August 7 -- We went to the floating restaurant after Dad had his blood test.

Friday, August 8 -- Tom's Aunt Minnie had died in the beginning of the week and we drove to Greene, NY to attend the memorial service for her.  We went out to dinner with Donna and Jill and drove back to the cottage.

Saturday, August 9 -- Tom built a railing for the other side of the porch stairs. 

Sunday, August 10-- Tom left for Rochester.  He is going to attend the PGA tournament at Oak Hill.  Tommy called and said he was in just entering NY and decided to drive to the cottage that night.  It made for a very late arrival.

Monday, August 11-- Tommy arrived at 2:30 am.  He needed to rest up.  He had driven up form Florida, with stops to play Pinehurst, NC and Oakmount CC, outside of Pittsburgh.  He enjoyed a restful, hot day at the lake.

Tuesday, August 12-- Tommy discovered the inflatable kayak and took it out with two black labs swimming behind him. 

Wednesday, August 13 -- We decided to spend the early part of the day at the lake.  After lunch at App Inn we went back to Rochester. 

Thursday, August 14-- We dropped the boys at the gate to the PGA   Around 4 pm the power went out.  It was a huge blackout across several states and Canada.  Upon picking the guys up from the PGA we found a restaurant in Pittsford with power so we were able to eat!  Everyone was fine with an early night but the new fans I had bought for the bedrooms were not much use until midnight when the power went back on.  Gail and her family were at the cottage and they also were blacked out. 

Friday, August 15-- Pepper went to her vet appointment and got medicine for the year.  The vet clipped one of her nails too close.  We have been clipping them ourselves and we hope this doesn't make it difficult.  Pepper doesn't forget.  I went to lunch with Dorothy, a neighbor and tried to catch up in two hours.  The guys called it quits early and they were a little disappointed to see the Jeep as the pick up vehicle.  We had dinner at Vic and Irv's.

Saturday, August 16 --Another day of golf for the boys.  I went over to visit with Mollie and then everyone came over for dinner.  We had a nice time catching up. 

Sunday, August 17 -- Last day of the PGA.  It had been a great week for Tom and Tommy enjoying all the golf and their time together.  I helped Tommy get his ferry reservation for Thurs and printed out some directions.  The internet makes things easy.

Monday, August 18 -- Tommy left for Binghamton.  Tom had to go to his doctor's appointment.  This visit was time to catch up on all the Rochester business.  I got my driver's license renewed.  It would have come due in March and I knew I didn't plan on being in Rochester in March.  We went to lunch with our neighbors, the Skuses.  It was great to see them.

Tuesday, August 19 -- Last day to be in Rochester.  We met with our financial advisor, Darren.  I went to lunch with two friends from work.  Last two dental cleanings and back to the cottage.  I was very happy to be back at the lake.  It seems like my home now.

Wednesday, August 20--Janet provided peaches for a pie.  I invited her for dinner as I had promised her meatloaf.  We had the pie on the deck with Jerry, Lorie and Janet.  It was cut into six pieces and enjoyed by all.

Thursday, August 21-- The guys went golfing and I decided to try to mail the alarm clock Mollie had left at the lake.  Since it was a nice morning I went to Clayton to mail it.  It is a very pretty area in the islands. I passed a Jeep dealer and noticed two Wranglers on the lot.

Friday, August 22-- Tom and I decided to go to the farmer's market and ended up at the Jeep dealer.  We found out you could tow a Liberty even if it was an automatic and ended up test driving a white one with some nice features.  We loved the Wrangler at times but didn't like the noise level, ride comfort and lack of air conditioning.  We liked the Liberty.

Saturday, August 23 -- We test drove a Renegade model of the Liberty but decided we really liked the white one we had test drove on Friday.  One thing reminded.  We drove it back to the cottage to see if Pepper would like it!  She doesn't always like getting into cars and since she is our travel companion we have to consider her.  Plus she is too big to lift up and put in the car.  Pepper remembered she could leap into the back hatch of the Jeep and that was all we needed to decide to go ahead and make the trade.  The Alex Bay dealer was so much more low key than any we had dealt with before.  We took the Wrangler home to clean it out and picked up the Liberty around 3pm.  We drove to Watertown to do some shopping and Tom cooked ribs for all.

Sunday, August 24-- We went for breakfast at the floating restaurant.  It was a very busy day at the Bay and the weather was perfect.  Linda and I went back with our cameras to take some pictures of the river and the castle.  We also found a rock to be added to the rock garden.  It fit into the back of the Jeep but it was a little heavier than we thought.  Dad and I left to go to Rochester so that he could go to his doctor's appointment on Monday.

Monday, August 25-- We went to two doctor's appointments and left Rochester around 3 to head back to the lake. 

Tuesday, August 26-- We need to get a new bracket for the Liberty so it can be towed behind the motorhome.  Tom is ordering one through Camping World.  He also ordered a bike rack, outdoor rug and a protector for the Jeep.  This will be delivered through UPS so we decided to make a new sign.  We found a black lab wooden cutout that we will turn into our new sign.

Wednesday, August 27--Dad and I went into Watertown.  I wanted to do a little shopping. 

Thursday, August 28-- I decided to clean a little to get ready for our Labor Day arrival's.  Holly, the cat had decided to use one of the beds in an inappropriate way so Tom got to work on putting doors on the remaining bedrooms.  I went to the laundromat.   We decided to meet with Tom's parents on Friday to help celebrate his 55th birthday.  We went to Foxy's for dinner.

Friday, August 29-- Tom put on the last door.  It is amazing how nice that looks.  We got our first UPS delivery. We drove to Greene, NY and had dinner at Marco's.  It was great to have dinner with Tom's mom and dad and Jill and Donna.  This is also the date of Tom's official retirement from Xerox.  A momentous day!

Saturday, August 30-- Anne Marie and Steve arrived from Maryland. Following was Bill.  We had a wonderful dinner of spiedies and had green beans from my green bean patch! Gail and Tom also arrived.

Sunday, August 31-- The guys got up early and went golfing. Linda took charge of dinner,  Bill and Steve built a monster bonfire and marshmallows were enjoyed by all.