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Cross-Country Journal -- April 2005


Saturday, April 23 --We drove over to storage and got the Trek.  After pumping $100 of gas we drove it to our driveway to begin the loading process.  There are so many cupboards and drawers compared to either the trailer or the See Ya.  The trick is to figure out what will work best.  So far everything has found a place.   We decided to remove the Trek "end table" and put in the one from the See Ya.   The former end table/cat box.  We removed the cat box and lamp.  The freezer reached capacity and we had to leave a few steaks for Tommy.  We have set a tentative schedule first driving above Orlando and then staying new Mexico Beach for a full two days.  I called Sun Pass and found out we could use it with our motor home. 

Sunday, April 24 -- I brought Louie in to try out her cat box.  It is in the rear closet with a "mouse hole" entry.  She also enjoyed some canned cat food.  I brought in the footstool she has been sleeping on a lot lately.  A few final things were brought in.  I think we are fully loaded.  Now we are just waiting to start wondering how the first few days of travel will go and if any new "bugs" will be uncovered!  We will have a final "last supper" with Tommy.   We have traditionally gone to Red Lobster.  We went to PA BBQ  After I explained where ribs came from Tommy ordered the clam strips. 

Monday, April 25 -- We packed the last few items and hooked up the PT.  The lights worked and we headed out.  Our Sun Pass worked great and we traveled the turnpike at about 60mph.  Things went well with a few moments.  We passed the first Passport campground and went to the $5 one.  It seemed rundown so Tom made a recon and came back saying it was fine.  it has a nice pull though and a very nice site.  The pets were eager to check it out and we are set for the night.  A good first day.  We watched a couple assemble a screen room which doubled their living space from their trailer.  Their trailer looked like a car top carrier only on wheels.  Not sure how they manage.  We are happy with our setup.  We like the motor home setup much better than a trailer.

Tuesday, April 26 -- We left after nine and started headed towards the Gulf.   We ran into some rain and then some wind.  It got very, very windy and we could see sea spray making it onto the road.  We had to go over a long bridge but when we saw some RVs making it from the other direction we figured it would be okay.  We made it to Mexico Beach.  It is a beach town.  The campground it a good 10 minute walk to the beach.  We took Pepper there to give her a little exercise.  The pets get a lot more attention and exercise when they are on the road.  Louie has enjoyed outdoor time at both campsites.  We only paid for one day and will decide tomorrow whether we want to spend another day/night here.  The weather is supposed to be nicer.

Wednesday, April 27 -- It was sunny today but we didn't really want to stay in the area.  We thought we we head toward Destin and go to the state park there.  They said they had a few spots but could not reserve them.   We drove up and they had just given out the last spot.  We decided to head west.  We reached Kiln, Ms and stayed at one of the saddest campgrounds.  It was cheap and had 50 amps but ...   So far we like the Trek.  Everything is going fine.  I got to do some driving and it drives nicely.  Pep sleeps on the couch under the magic bed and it seems like a little dog house. 

Thursday, April 28 -- We left early and headed west.  We were pleased to see gas prices drop to $2.03.  We have gotten around 8+m/gal.  That isn't too bad for a motor home.  That means we can go approx 400 miles per fill-up while leaving 15 gallons in the tank at the fill-up.  At least we don't have to stop very often.  We stopped today at 4 PM at a campground we have visited several times, just east of San Antonio.  This campground even has wi-fi internet for their campers.


Friday, April 29 -- We drove towards the Rio.  We left I-10 in San Antonio and reached the Amistad NRA near Del Rio, Texas.   It is near 100 outside and had reached in the 90's in the motor home.   After having the door not open.  Tom on the inside, I on the outside.  A new situation.  We hooked up, started the AC and went over to the pool.  We rarely use campground pool but this was heavenly.  We immediately felt better.  Once again we have free Wi Fi.  We had stopped at a brand new Super Wal Mart on the drive in to stock up on a few things.

Saturday, April 30 -- The temperature dropped down to the 50's overnight.  Quite a change from 100!   It was windy and overcast.  We headed out.  The Amistad reservoir seemed to have almost capacity of water.  It is a huge water area shared with Mexico.  The drive was easy.  Not much civilization.  Lots of rolling land.  We were happy to have a gas station in Sanderson and I took over driving.  We drove through Alpine and then up to Van Horn.  Nice two lane road with no traffic.  I kept looking in my rear view mirror to see if I was holding anyone up. No one behind.  Since we changed to Mountain time and gained an hour we continued and stopped in Las Cruces, NM.   We went to our favorite restaurant and did drive by to see if "our" house had been built.  It had.